Born as a hermaphrodite, Deniz was prisoned in a body he does not belong to as a result of a wrong decision of his father.



Hermaphrodite individuals suffer psychological and physical violence especially from their families and the society.


The pressure and the discriminative behaviors lead to consequences such as suicide and this still continues today.


Adding the option of “other” (!) to Women / Men classification is nothing but an illusion that discrimination is over. We hope that it will not take another 2000 years to understand this…



Original Title: Anka Kuşu Öldü

English Title: Phoenix is Dead

Shooting Format: 3.2K (Arri Alexa Mini)

Deliveries Available: 2.5K (25fps)

Color: Color

Running Time: 13.00 min. in 25fps

Original Film Language: Turkish

Screening Ratio: 2,35

Country of Production: Turkey

Date of Production: 2022



Director: Raşit Algül

Producer: Raşit Algül

Executive Producer: Madlen Ma Kamhi

Co-Producers: Habil Özden, Murat Oğan, Özden Başıbüyük, Sadık Çelik, Taner Alan

Scriptwriters: Kemal Uçar, Raşit Algül

Director of Photography: Can Dolu

First Assistant of Director: Kemal Uçar

Music: Mustafa K Öztürk

Edit: Baki Yavuz

Color Editing: Asım Ertürk

Production Manager: Abidin Eş

Production Assistants: Ece Yavuz, Damla Zengin, Nagehan Özmen

Camera Assistant: Yunus Köse

Focus Puller: Yasin Bayşeker